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Installation of a Shower Curtain

Installing a shower curtain in your bathroom is an easy method which you can attain easily within an hour. There are different kinds of curtain rods and curtains but 2 basic rod types include mounted rods and tension rods. When working with atypical space, you need to tweak the instructions for your specific requirements.

Necessary Steps for Shower Curtain Rail Installation:

  • Measure curtain to ensure it hangs 5 in (12.7 cm) below the tub edge.
  • Add 4 in (10.2 cm) to the length of curtain and find the height of rod.
  • Use a tape measure for making the height of curtain rod’s on each wall.
  • Expand tension rod ends or drill the rod brackets into the marked spots.
  • Put hooks on the rod and attach curtain and shower liner.

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Necessary Steps For Shower Curtain Rail Installation

Measure Installation Height


Henderson Glass Warehouse - Consider the length of shower curtain

Consider the length of shower curtain

When it is new, the length of curtain will be listed on the packaging. Otherwise, you have to measure it by yourself with the help of a tape measure. The size of standard shower curtain installation is 74 inches x 74 inches which seem to be perfect square.


Henderson Glass Warehouse - Consider the length of shower curtain

Measure the space to ensure curtain hangs properly

There should be at least 2 inches of space between the floor and the shower curtain. The curtain should hang at least 5 inches below the edge of bathtub for containing moisture effectively.

  • Two inches of space between the floor and curtain may prevent the bottom of the curtain from collecting lots of dirt and moisture.


Henderson Glass Warehouse - Add nearly 4 inches on the length of curtain

Add nearly 4 inches on the length of curtain

This provides a rough installation height for the curtain rod. You may have to adjust up or down slightly to meet the needs of individuals, but in general adding 4 inches onto the length of curtain should give proper placement.


Henderson Glass Warehouse - Use a tape measure for marking installation height

Use a tape measure for marking installation height

Discover the spot on each shower wall where the rod needs to be suspended with a tape measure. Mark spot on each side by making small dot with the help of a sharpie. These dots are where the rod ends need to be placed.

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    Installation of a Tension Rod

    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Increase The Length Of Red With Counter-Clockwise Twist
    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Increase The Length Of Red With Counter-Clockwise Twist

    1. Increase the length of red with counter-clockwise twist

    Tension rods are usually made of two interlocking shafts. You will have to find the point where two shafts adjust together and place one hand on either side of this point. The counter-clockwise twist can lengthen the rod.

    • Tension rod is not fixed permanently to the walls and held in place with strong spring inside the rod. This applies enough pressure on the walls for holding it in place.
    • Twisting clockwise can shorten curtain rod.
    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Expand The Rod Till Both Ends are Fixed in The Marked Location
    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Expand The Rod Till Both Ends are Fixed in The Marked Location

    2. Expand the rod till both ends are fixed in the marked location.

    You can expand the length of the rod by twisting counter-clockwise till both ends meet shower wall. Adjust the placement of the ends till they are exactly where you want them. Then expand the rod a little more till the tension creates a stable hold on both sides of the shower.

    • Tension rods are adjusted to fit width of most spaces without any measurements in advance.
    • If you want to measure beforehand, the length of the rod should be approximately 1 inch longer than the space it occupies to maintain a snug fit.
    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Confirm Rod is Suitable for The Space by Testing the Tension
    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Confirm Rod is Suitable for The Space by Testing the Tension

    3. Confirm rod is suitable for the space by testing the tension

    Double check the tension by twisting clockwise to shorten the back of rod into its original position. Repeat the procedure again in order to confirm the rod is firmly affixed in its place.

    • The more you need to lengthen the tension rod for fitting in place, the less stable its hold will remain.
    • If the rod cannot maintain strong hold, you probably need to get a longer tension rod.
    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Level to Ensure the Rod is Straight
    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Level to Ensure the Rod is Straight

    4. Use a level to ensure the rod is straight

    Take a level and hold it in a horizontal way. Place flat top of the level directly against the rod in the center. The tiny bubble will tell if the rod is crook or straight.

    • Tweak slightly for making it straight, if needed.

    Installation of a Mounted Rod

    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Installation of a Mounted Rod - Check your Hardware

    1. Check your hardware.

    Shower curtain rods can be affixed permanently to the opposing walls which are available with accompanying hardware. As every kit is different, you need to have at least 8 screws and 2 brackets to keep the brackets on the wall.

    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Drill Each Bracket Into The Wall

    2. Drill each bracket into the wall

    After marking and measuring the installation height, follow specific installation instructions that came with the rod to mount brackets. You will mostly be using a drill to mount the brackets in the pre-measured spaces.

    • If you are having dry wall, you should use anchors with the brackets.
    • Know more about using dry wall anchors.
    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Fit Each End of the Rod Into the Brackets

    3. Fit each end of the rod into the brackets

    After it is in place, make sure your hardware gets installed firmly and hold the rod securely before attempting to hang the liner and curtain. If any screws are loose, use the drill to tighten them to the wall.

    Hang the Liner and Bespoke Shower Curtain

    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Place Shower Curtain Hooks on the Rod

    1. Place shower curtain hooks on the rod

    The number of curtain hooks needed should be 12 which are sold in sets for convenience. If you use hooks that have some kind of decoration, make sure the decoration side is facing out into the bathroom ad not inward towards the shower.

    • These are available in the form of ring. These rings snap open and close easily. Unsnap to open them, hang them on the rod, but do not snap them, closed them yet.
    • Once you have the rings/hooks on the rod, make sure they fit properly and slide easily along curtain rod.
    • Most are available in standard sizes that fit most curtain rods and holes. But when you are using rings/hooks of large or small size, you may want to measure the size of the holes before purchasing rings to make sure they will fit easily.
    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Line Up Left Edge of your Curtain and Your Liner

    2. Line up left edge of your curtain and your liner

    The curtain should be on the top of the liner and closest to you. The liner does beneath it and you need to find the holes on the top left edge of both pieces. Then line the holes up so tone ring can pass through both the holes.

    • Liners are usually clear plastic and act in the form of a barrier between the curtain and the shower.
    • Liners are not needed though the can be commonly used with bespoke shower curtain rail made of fabric which is not waterproof.
    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Thread Curtain Rings Hooks Through Shower Curtain Rail

    3. Thread curtain rings/hooks through shower curtain rail

    Starting from the left side, thread one ring through the holes of both the liner and the curtain. Then shift on to the next hole by repeating the same process. Continue threading till all 12 rings have been threaded through all 12 holes.

    • If you use curtain rings, make sure to snap each ring closed after you are threading it.
    • Double check the liner stays on wet side of your shower. The curtain is on the dry side, facing out into the bathroom.
    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Confirm the Rod is Sturdy and Curtain Slides Easily

    4. Confirm the rod is sturdy and curtain slides easily

    Arrange the liner and curtain as you normally would by taking a close look. Is the rod supporting their weight easily? Give a little tug when necessary for testing the tension. Then slide curtain open and test the rings/hooks shift easily down the rod.

    • If the rod can’t support the weight, you will need to get longer or strongly built tension rod.
    • If the liner and curtain are not sliding easily down the rod, you may require bigger hooks/rings to fit the rod properly.
    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Installation of a Fixed Rod or Curved Shower Curtain Rod

    Installation of a Fixed Rod or Curved Shower Curtain Rod

    Installing a curved shower rod is similar to installing a straight rod. You will need a drill, tape measure, screwdriver, and possibly a level. For this, you need to measure and mark the height for the mounting brackets. Use a level to ensure straight installation. Drill pilot holes for the brackets. Follow the rod’s instructions for the installation of the brackets.

    Make sure you position the rod on the brackets. Secure decorative flanges, if included to cover the brackets. Hang your shower curtain properly and ensure the rod is securely installed before use. Once you are done, hang up the shower curtain rail installation and you are all set to use new shower rod.

    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Installation of Tension Shower Rods

    Installation of Tension Shower Rods

    Installing a shower rod seem to be a quick process that requires a few minutes only and you will not need any tools. But you have to take care to work carefully when installing this rod with drywall walls as they can possibly damage drywall.

    You will have to twist one section of the rod and hold other sector for installing a tension rod. This should shorten or lengthen the rod, as per the need. Hold the rod where it has to be installed and twist to lengthen it till it is firm between the shower walls. Use a level to ensure you install it in a horizontal place. After the rod is snug, twist it in another quarter turn to ensure it is tight in place.

    On installing it, you may hang up shower curtain. Make sure you tug on the curtain to ensure it is not very heavy for the rod and the rod does not slip. If the rod slips, you will have to tighten it again for keeping it in place. The same is applicable when these rods slip during daily usage of the shower. When remodelling bathroom, you want new shower curtains, a new tub or shower.

    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Bespoke Shower Curtains

    Bespoke shower curtains

    If you are looking for bespoke shower curtains to meet your needs, then contact us directly. We manufacture high-quality shower curtains and cater to private customers, hotels, and hospitals.

    To extend the life of shower curtain, ensure it hangs dry and free after use. Plan for extra material in drapery and clean finish to the wall. For a 2m long shower curtain rod, connecting to the wall on two sides, choosing a 230cm wide curtain is ideal. For two curtains, the total width of 260cm can be achieved by combining curtains of different widths (e.g., 120cm and 140cm).

    In a wet-room, the curtain should stop 1-2 cm above the floor for proper drying and to prevent mould. For a bath-tube, measure from the bottom of the present curtain hook down to about 15cm from top edge of the tub so that it does not hang too low.

    While a textile curtain comes in various colours, white is unique, matches most bathroom decor, and is available in different qualities. Custom colours can be expensive and may not be readily available. For hotels, hospitals, or bulk orders, we offer competitive pricing and would be pleased to provide quotes for your shower, bathroom, or wet room needs.

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