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Great Ideas to Select Glass Splashbacks for Kitchen [Step-by-Step Guide]

Great Ideas to Select Glass Splashbacks for Kitchen [Step-by-Step Guide]
5 Oct 2023

Do you want to renovate the cooking area? If yes, then you can add contemporary style to the kitchen with coloured glass splashback. These can be found in many finishes and design options to make your kitchen look attractive. You can add contemporary style to the cooking space with coloured glass kitchen splashbacks. The splashbacks are there in various colours, design options and finishes to turn dull kitchen into attractive. You may choose professional installation for glass splashbacks as these are heavy and tricky to work with. But once they have been installed, these kitchen splashbacks can withstand impact, heat, wear, scratches and splashes, as these are made from toughened safety glass. You may go through this guide to choose glass splashbacks for kitchen so that they last for many years.

Reasons why glass splashbacks are a good choice for kitchen

There are several options available but you need to search for top-quality splashbacks which are exceptional from the remaining materials. Some reasons why glass splashbacks are a great option include:

  • They are easy to clean due to smooth surface
  • They are resistant toheat
  • They have non-poroussurface which does not allow bacterial growth
  • They do not have mould problems
  • They can be made-to-order according to the need of given space
  • They reflect lightin the room
  • They are affordableand provide great value over time

These can be found in different designs, colours, finishes and patterns to match with kitchen interior.

What is considered to be the most popular kitchen splashbacks?

The most popular splashback for a kitchen is a matter of personal preference, but in terms of aesthetics, durability and quality, natural stone splashbacks usually remain on the top.

Natural stone splashbacks like marble, quartz or granite provide high-end aesthetic that can add a touch of sophistication to the kitchen. Their colour variations and unique patterns can make your kitchen exceptional. Besides, they pair really well with different types of cooking space worktop materials.

Apart from visual appeal, natural stone splashbacks are extremely durable and they can withstand high temperatures, making them a great option behind stovetops. These are extremely resistant to any kind of stains and scratches and maintain their beauty for a long time.

Though some types of natural stone need sealing to prevent further staining, a simple wipe with a mild detergent is sufficient to keep them looking their best once this is done.

So, if you want a splashback that ensures beauty, durability, and ‘wow’ factor, then natural stone splashbacks are certainly a great choice. But your kitchen design, personal style and budget are very important at the time of taking the right decision.

What are the best splashbacks for kitchen?

Choosing the right splashback for kitchen depends on overall design, personal style and estimated budget of your kitchen. Here are some of the top options:

  • Glass Splashbacks: Glass splashbacks provide modern, sleek look and are trendy to any kitchen. They are easy to clean, available in different colours and resistant to heat which allow you to match or contrast with colour scheme of your kitchen.
  • Stainless Steel Splashbacks: This is a suitable choice for industrial-style kitchen. It is easy to clean, heat resistant and very durable to provide kitchen with sleek look.
  • Kitchen Splashback Tiles: Tiles provide lots of versatility for patterns, colours and textures. Whether you select quartz, porcelain, ceramic or glass tiles splashback for the kitchen, you will be able to create unique look that complements your cooking space.
  • Natural Stone Splashbacks: If you are looking for natural and rustic look, then select materials such as – marble, quartz or granite. These create attractive look and are extremely durable though they require more maintenance to keep them look the best.
  • Acrylic Splashbacks: These are an affordable option to glass and provide modern and sleek look at a lower price. They can be found in a wide range of shades.
  • Mirrored Splashbacks: They make small kitchen appear larger by creating additional space and reflecting light. These are a modern choice though require daily cleaning to keep them smudge-free.

What you can use other than splashbacks

When a traditional splashback is not what you need, there are other options to consider for protecting kitchen walls:

  • Window: If the kitchen layout allows, then you may place cooktop against a window. This method provides unobstructed view when you cook and help with ventilation. But you need to ensure that it complies with the local building codes.
  • Stainless Steel Splashback: Stainless steel sheets are easy to clean, heat-resistant and stylish option. They can be robust and stylish option for industrial-chic aesthetic. These are heat-resistant and easy to clean like traditional splashbacks.
  • Paint: This hard-wearing, heat and water-resistant paint acts as an economical option to the traditional splashbacks. This may need frequent touch-ups in due course.
  • Wall Panels: Wall panels, made of glass or acrylic, offer seamless look and can be found in different colours and finishes.
  • Wallpaper: Vinyl or other washable wallpapers are mainly designed for the kitchen. The products handle a bit of splashing, steam and allow becoming creative with designs and patterns.
  • Treat walls with other options: Some people want no splashback in the kitchen and continue treating the walls with plaster, wallpaper or paint. This can be a cost-effective option though it may require further maintenance to keep the wall area clean and dirt-free.

What is the cheapest kind of splashbacks?

When it is about finding affordable options for kitchen splashbacks, a few of them stand out to be cost-effective:

  1. Painted wall: The most inexpensive option is use of quality, water-resistant and durable paint. This allows an extensive range of colour choices and freedom to change the look of your kitchen easily. But it needs some touch-ups from time to time as there can be wear and tear from different kitchen activities.
  2. Laminate splashbacks: These are an affordable option and found in various designs to match with any kitchen style. They are easy to install and maintain.
  3. Tiles: Though some tiles may be expensive, others such as subway tiles or ceramic can be affordable. Tiles provide an extensive range of colours, patterns and styles giving you lots of flexibility in terms of design.
  4. Acrylic sheets: These are a popular option when compared to glass splashbacks. They are easy to clean, highly resistant to heat and can be found in different colours and finishes.
  5. Stainless steel sheets: These might not be inexpensive like laminate or paint wall. They have modern aesthetic and are less costly when compared to other materials.

How to choose glass splashback in a specific shade

There are several ways to decide upon splashback colour you want to choose. But it can help by taking the decision based on these factors:

Select your favourite shade

The easiest way to choose glass splashback colour is by opting for your favourite colour. You will never feel bored by choosing your kind of shade and it will contrast with the remaining kitchen decor to give a striking feel to the entire space.

Choose any complementary hue

If you do not like contrasting interiors, then you might select a complimentary colour. It does not mean that you choose a colour that is already there in the kitchen. For example, having blue walls does not mean you must go with blue splashbacks.

You should select a colour that will match well with a given shade. You may even use colour wheel for this problem. You need to enter the shades already there in the room and you will get colour options that complement with the existing shades. So, you can select the perfect complementary shades for kitchen splashback.

Create a statement wall

You may select glass splashback of any bold and bright colour to make a statement wall. It gives you the opportunity to convert splashback into the focal point in cooking area. This splashback style is a perfect choice for kitchens that have minimalist shades. The minimal kitchen space gives striking appearance to bold coloured splashbacks.

Trendy glass splashback ideas for kitchen

Below are five glass splashback ideas for modern kitchens:

1. Bright glass splashbacks

Glass splashbacks can be found in different bright and exciting colour shades to complement or match your kitchen decor. Some popular glass splashback colours to select from are deep red, turquoise, bright yellow, etc. Though you will be able to choose from several finishes of glass splashbacks, the most popular is polished as it is easy to clean.

2. Glossy neutrals

If you love bright and neutral shades, then subtle tones are a great choice for adding clean and welcoming vibe to the interiors. You can select neutral glass splashbacks in colours such as white, beige, grey, cream or black to complement with existing colours of cabinet or walls. These subtle shades are a good option for small kitchen spaces that make them look more prominent. Besides, they offer decorative element to the rooms in which they have been displayed.

3. Mirror glass splashbacks

The splashbacks have become popular in modern kitchens. These are the perfect choice for reflecting more light into the space and getting the most stylish interior of kitchen. They are visually pleasing and functional for busy kitchen spaces. You may select from several mirrored splashbacks such as – Antique glass, Golden glass, Silver glass, etc.

4. Patterned glass splashbacks

If you have specific pattern or design for glass splashbacks, then select the one according to your choice and add wow factor to the kitchen interior. As glass splashbacks provide you with the option to be creative and stylish, you can go with single colour for your splashback If your kitchen loos extremely dull, then select unique glass splashback pattern to give it lively touch.

5. Personalised glass splashbacks

You may create style statement with printed and personalised glass splashbacks in the kitchen wall. It could be your personal photo or something else that is special to you. You may get artwork or any specific pattern to display for kitchen splashback. There isn’t any restriction to digitally printed splashback designs. Also, this can help in adding personal accent to the kitchen interior.

What is the latest trend for kitchen splashbacks?

By taking a look in future, you will be able to anticipate certain trends that seem to be influential in 2023 and beyond. Here are some of these speculations:

  • growing preference for coordinated stone splashbacks
  • amplified trend for patterned tiles
  • unwavering escalation in the popularity of splashbacks for windows
  • increased adoption of mirror splashbacks for more spacious illusion

Do you need splashbacks in the kitchen?

Without having a splashback, there is the risk of replacing this piece of wall over the years as heat from your stove top and splashes from your taps begins to erode in due course. It will absorb smell from the oils and discolour depending on the cooking you do regularly.

What is the purpose of installing kitchen splashbacks?

Splashbacks are available in an extensive range of designs and materials which include – natural stone, glass, stainless steel, mirrored glass, tiles and more. The purposeis to protect kitchen walls from food splatters and cooking spills which are difficult to clean and may get damage in due course of time.

When do you need to install kitchen splashbacks?

In most cases, installing countertops before the splashbacks will make the most sense. But doing the splashbacks before the countertop makes more sense for the particular situation. It comes down to what you want as the main point of your kitchen.

Glass splashbacks add a sophisticated look to your kitchen and it is necessary to maintain them so that they may last for a long time. Cleaning a glass splashback is easy with soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaning products. You may take help of a professional and know how you can keep splashbacks long-lasting. Using white vinegar is a easy and affordable solution than purchasing those expensive cleaners from the store.