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Digitally Printed Splashbacks - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Custom Digitally Printed Splashbacks

If you have a vision that involves your own image on a splashbacks, we are right with you!  We love the creativity that people bring to their own designs.  Imagine a tasteful image of the whole family watching over you while you cook the dinner!

You can upload an image that you choose and we will digitally print it on your own customised splashback.  We know that you’re going to love it!

For your own image to be printed on a splashback we need images that are 1500 x 1500 in resolution. We always say that the higher you can make the resolution the better the result will be.  Not sure?   We have been doing this for a while now and it is very popular with our clients so if you’re not quite sure about what you need or the image you want to use on your splashback, contact one of our experts now. We always say the best image to choose is one that is roughly the same orientation and size as the dimensions of your splashback.

The great thing about fitting a splashback that has all the hallmarks of your unique style and personality, especially if that image is one that you have chosen for personal reasons is the warmth and unique touch it will bring to your home.

All Glass Warehouse splashbacks feature:

  • Manufacturing from 6mm toughened glass
  • Rich colour made possible by low iron content
  • Image printing for any size or location
  • Considerate and careful delivery all over the UK

Your journey to a new and inspiring kitchen or bathroom enhanced by your personalised digitally printed image on your splashback begins with one phone call.  Call us now!

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