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Henderson Glass Warehouse - Frameless Hinged Glass Door

Our frameless hinged Glass Door

This kind of versatile door design is perfect for a range of spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and living rooms, fitting seamlessly into both home and office environments. Mounted to the wall with side hinges, it can support glass panes up to 60 kilograms. For a personalised quote and expert advice on installing your frameless glass door, please contact us at 03300438525 today.

Benefits of installing frameless glass doors

Consider frameless glass doors and windows for their functionality, aesthetic appeal, and safety benefits.

Benefits of Frameless Glass Doors - Better Flexibility

Better flexibility

Consider Cover Glass's fold-and-stack frameless doors and windows for merging rooms or an open patio view. These surpass the limitations of 6-foot wide French doors and bottom-rolling sliders, offering custom-sized panels that fully open and compactly stack aside. This innovative design maximizes space and enhances design flexibility beyond conventional options.

Benefits of Frameless Glass Doors - Top Design and Style Choice

Top design and style choice

Cover Glass specializes in custom frameless glass doors, perfect for homes with unique designs like curved walls. Their versatile panels, ranging from 18” to 34” in width and up to 110” in height, suit various applications from balconies to kitchens, seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor areas.

Benefits of Frameless Glass Doors - Unmatched Safety and Security

Unmatched safety and security

Cover Glass enhances home security with robust frameless doors and windows. Their products, featuring double-layered tempered glass and industrial lamination, are 5x stronger than standard options. With internal locking systems and virtually immovable top-hung panels, they offer comprehensive protection against break-ins and severe weather.

Benefits of Frameless Glass Doors - Functionality Combined With Aesthetic Appeal

Functionality combined with aesthetic appeal

Surprisingly, doors and windows can serve as stunning home accents. Frameless glass doors offer unique beauty, improved airflow, seamless transitions, and easy maintenance. Their timeless elegance, absence of obtrusive hardware, and integration with the landscape enhance your living space, promoting a sense of well-being that's truly invaluable.

Benefits of Frameless Glass Doors - Trustworthy installation

Trustworthy installation

Renovation projects often bring anxiety due to multiple involved parties. The installation phase, with third-party involvement, poses the greatest challenge. Henderson Glass Warehouse addresses these concerns by exclusively handling frameless sliding glass door installation. We assure precision, quality, and transparency throughout the process. Call at 03300438525 for expert advice.

Domestic And Commercial Glass Doors

We offer a diverse selection of glass doors suitable for both domestic and commercial settings. Our range caters to various requirements and style preferences. Whether you're operating a retail space needing large glass doors for an inviting storefront, or you're looking to incorporate a contemporary design element in your home, we have the ideal glass door options for your needs.

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Domestic and Commercial Glass Doors

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    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Frameless Door Glass

    Frameless Glass Doors:
    Explore our range of Hinged Glass Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, and Glass Partitions.

    The bespoke interior frameless glass doors come in a variety of glass types, including clear, satin, sandblasted designs, tinted, and coloured glass. We offer glass door solutions for both single and double doors, available in hinged/swing and sliding options. These doors can be paired with side and top panels to create stunning glass partitions or room dividers.

    Our comprehensive solution includes both glass and hardware, customized for your project. We strive to simplify your purchase process and guarantee an impeccable result.

    These doors are specifically designed for room entryways and dividers in interior spaces. Please note, our doors and hardware are not suited for exterior use where thermal or weather resistance is needed, nor are they intended for use as frameless shower enclosure screens where water-resistant seals and water contact are factors.

    Choose from our product ranges below and delve into the array of options available:

    Discover our selection of hinges and handles specifically designed for full glass doors and frameless glass doors. Also, discover the variety of track options available for sliding glass doors. Our offerings include the stylish Piazza glass door range and various glass partitions, providing numerous choices to suit your design preferences and functional requirements.

    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Frameless Full Glass Door

    Full glass doors

    Full glass doors, complete with hinges and lever handles, are designed to fit seamlessly into standard doorways. They provide a straightforward solution for replacing a traditional timber door with a sleek glass one. The hinges and latch strike plates or keeps are engineered to fit precisely into the rebate of a standard door frame. Our range includes options with locks for bathrooms, key locks, and solutions for double doors, catering to a variety of needs.

    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Frameless Sliding Glass

    Frameless glass doors

    Frameless glass doors provide a design choice ranging from cutting-edge contemporary style to subtle elegance. It features 'glass to wall' or pivot hinges that integrate into the wall reveal, along with options for pull bar handles or knobs. There's a variety of hinges and handles to accommodate different sizes, weights of glass, and specific requirements, plus a selection of accessories like privacy locks to tailor to your needs.

    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Frameless Sliding Glass Doors

    Frameless Sliding glass doors

    Frameless glass doors are also available in a sliding door variant, offering a selection of high-quality sliding tracks, handles, and accessories. Options for sliding door tracks include pelmet designs, where clamps and rollers are hidden, and pole systems featuring chic, contemporary rolling glass carriers.

    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Glass Partition Walls for Offices

    Glass partitions

    Our frameless sliding glass doors and hinged frameless glass doors, when integrated into a glass wall, create stunning glass partitions. These partitions are perfect for defining or dividing spaces, maintaining natural light while providing privacy, or maximizing a breathtaking view. Design an impressive room divider with a frameless glass partition for a striking visual impact.

    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Piazza Glass Doors

    Piazza glass doors

    Piazza is our collection of industrial-style metal framed interior doors. Favored by interior designers for their bold, minimalist aesthetic with a touch of industrial flair, the Piazza range features hinged doors, sliding doors, frameless bifold doors, pocket doors, and glass partition options.

    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Pocket Glass Doors

    Pocket glass doors

    Modify a room with a sleek, space-efficient pocket door system, also known as a disappearing door. Contemporary and minimalist, a glass pocket door can conserve an average of 10 sq ft of floor space.

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