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Kitchen Splashbacks

Custom Made Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

If you are planning to add a decorative touch to your home and ensure practicality, splashbacks are a good choice. When it is about kitchen designing, a custom-printed and made-to-measure glass panel will give your kitchen unique visual above your cooker and hob to protect the walls from splashes, stains and spatters. Our customised glass splashbacks for kitchen have been manufactured to meet the highest quality with the use of state of the art machinery. These are available in an extensive range of splashbacks allowing you to create unique kitchen space at home or work.

At Henderson Glass Warehouse, we provide easy-to-use service and quality splashbacks at affordable pricing with quick delivery. So, you will be able to get started on your home improvement project soon.

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Kitchen Splashbacks

What Is Splashback?

When we talk about a glass splashbacks, it is a panel or piece of glass fixed behind the stove or cooker or behind a kitchen workshop, or in a shower. While the kitchen might be the first choice about cooker splashbacks, there are actually various areas of the home where splashbacks are beneficial. Splashbacks can also be incredibly useful for businesses and commercial spaces too, providing an easy-to-maintain and affordable addition compared to tiling or similar surface protectors. There are other benefits associated with the kitchen splashbacks:

Kitchen Splashbacks Benefits

Glass Splashbacks Benefits

Most of these glass splashbacks will be found around the kitchen, behind worktops, sink, stove or cooker. They protect the walls from cooking splashes and from splashes that might come from the sink or from food preparation on the work top. They will protect from grease spills, oil, steam and should prevent damage to your tiles or paint work. We all know how tedious it can be trying to remove stubborn stains from our paint work or from between tiling on walls!

Easy Cleaning

Easy Cleaning

Where splashbacks are fitted, they are designed to be easy to clean with just a wipe of a cloth, making your food preparation or cooking area more hygienic. We all place high importance on hygiene within our homes, especially in areas where food is being prepared for the family. Because the splashback will protect your walls and tiling, it will also offer you a saving on retiling or repainting that would otherwise, be necessary to clean up grease marks and stains.

Start Building

Toughened Glass Splashbacks in Kitchen - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Toughened Glass Splashbacks in Kitchen

At Henderson Glass Warehouse, we have an extensive range of splashbacks and feel confident that they will fulfill your need. At Henderson Glass Warehouse, we offer customised as well as standard splashbacks designs for kitchen that will cater for small changes such as notches or socket cuts-outs for that perfect fit.

We create visually enhancing area by combining together style and safety with our toughened glass splashbacks. Our products are the perfect choice for modern and s luxury kitchens while maintaining safe environment without comprising on style. You may choose our toughened glass splashbacks that can withstand extreme temperatures from standard kitchen appliances such as – hob splashbacks and gas cookers. So, we provide resistance to stains, food splashes and grease at the time of cooking.

If you require customised kitchen splashbacks to be cut to a specific size and shape, this should be done before the glass is toughened. If you want to see a sample before your purchase, get in touch with us for your needs and we will be happy to render help!

Giving Your Kitchen Or Bathroom A Face Lift - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Giving Your Kitchen Or Bathroom A Face Lift

We all know how expensive it is to install a new kitchen or bathroom and this is where the glass splashback can come into its own and make a big difference to the look and feel of these rooms. At a fraction of the cost of fitting a new kitchen or bathroom, a well-chosen splash back can make a huge difference and make your kitchen or bathroom look newly fitted. There are many different finishes, designs and colours that you can choose from, so let your imagination run wild and choose what reflects your personality best.

Kitchen Splashbacks Installation - Henderson Glass Warehouse


Benefits Of Booking A Free Measure Up Visit And Quote?

Our engineers carry over 40 glass samples which include popular colours, including our high selling rainbow and silver sparkle options, which aren’t shown on the website as the pictures do not do the sparkle options, these are much better viewed through our samples visually. While our engineer is measuring, you can hold different samples to your walls to get a great idea of what your colour will look like. If your preferred colour isn’t in our samples, we offer a free sample on any colour brand you choose. This will help you better visualise the final look of your new Splashbacks. To book your free measure up visit, please fill out our measure request form below or call in to speak with one of the team.


When it is about choosing the right kind of splashback for the kitchen, it can be difficult to know where you should begin. After all, there are several designs out there that may take your fancy. This will be before you consider how durable your kitchen splashback should be so you can install it successfully in the kitchen.

Yes, most glass splashbacks may go behind a hob with a certain exceptions. It has to be toughened at first in order to avoid material cracking under heat. This is among the major things people consider when buying new glass splashbacks for kitchen. Choosing toughened glass will enable glass splashbacks to look for the part that last for many years in a room and comes with its share of wear and tear.

At Henderson Glassware House, we ensure our glass splashbacks are toughened which make them suitable for use behind hob or oven as they are resistant to heat. The resistance of kitchen splashback will differ when selecting a different material and so, you should keep it in mind when making your choice.

We toughen all the glass we use for products, whether our glass splashbacks or doors. So, you need not worry about a deterioration in their condition. You will be assured that you are always getting the best from The Glass Warehouse!

Though we toughen all glass splashbacks, the answer will depend on where you are putting the splashback. Now, if you want to add s glass splashback to the kitchen for décor, you may not have to toughen it which means it is less resilient to damage.

By choosing our toughened glass splashbacks for the kitchen, you can place them anywhere in the room without worrying about their durability. Line up your splashback in the kitchen area that is beneficial for you so that you can get maximum satisfaction from the product.

The cost plays a major factor in the kind of material you use at the time of designing your kitchen. So, we provide a wide range of glass splashbacks to fulfill your estimated budget. Whether it is clear glass splashbacks to coloured or mirrored glass kitchen splashbacks, our extensive range will suit your needs without breaking the bank. You may tell us your exact requirement and we will do the rest to generate competitive pricing.