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Process of Cleaning a Glass Splashback

Process of Cleaning a Glass Splashback
13 Jun 2023

Choosing a glass splashback should be your great pride on having a dirt-free and clean kitchen. They can help to protect the walls or tiles from regular grime and stop food as well as oils from leading to permanent stains. In simple words, they will make the cooking area look new for a long time. Though they can protect the walls from getting exposed to unwanted mess, the splashback will require proper cleaning on a daily basis. Luckily, glass provides easy and quick cleaning and to keep the splashback appear scratch free, go through this blogpost for cleaning properly.

What you need to use when cleaning glass splashbacks

Below is the list of items to perform the best cleaning for your splashback.

  • Soft cleaning clothes – You have to choose soft cleaning clothes and use a soft sponge for applying the cleaning product.
  • Microfiber clothes – It is advisable to use a lint-free cloth or a microbire cloth for polishing glass splashback.
  • Cleaning products – As kitchen glass splashback will get in contact with an extensive range of different substances, you can keep it clean by using different cleaners. The use of a glass cleaner only will not remove everything from the surface and so, you can try rotating the kind of cleaning product every time you clean splashback.

For eliminating all the dirt and filth on the cooker splashback, you can use:

  • Glass Cleaner
  • Oven Cleaner for the grease
  • Antibacterial Cleaner
  • Dish Soap to remove the mess quickly once it lands on the splashback

White vinegar is very effective in eliminating the stains for attaining streak-free finish.

How to avoid the streaks

When cleaning the surface of glass, streaks may be quite annoying and leave unwanted marks. You can avoid getting the streaks when cleaning splashback with the use of a cloth in circular motions. Try not to wipe the glass surface up and down or left and right at the time of drying or polishing.

How you can clean glass splashbacks

  1. Put the cleaning solution and let it sit on the glass surface for almost 5 minutes
  2. Place some paper towels or kitchen roll at the bottom of the splashback for collecting the residue
  3. Remove large clumps of food or grease from glass surface before using the cloth
  4. Use clean soft cloth or sponge for wiping down the glass
  5. Make sure you wipe properly in circular motions to avoid the streaks
  6. Polish the splashback after cleaning to get the best results. After it becomes dry, buff the glass with a cloth and wipe properly in circular motions.

What you need to avoid at the time of cleaning glass splashbacks

The most important thing to avoid is the use of abrasive cleaning products which can be cleaning solution and the sponge. Firstly, you should not use scourer end of the sponge and wire wool as this may cause scratch to the glass surface permanently, ruining its overall aesthestics.

Do not use any harsh abrasive cleaner that has been designed to manage heavy soiling. These products may cause small scratches and permanent notches in the glass splashback. These will trap the dirt in them and make glass appear cloudy.

If the glass splashback is painted, you need to be extremely careful about the cleaning products you select. Stick to cleaning solutions and use warm soapy water, wherever possible.

It is suggested that you do not use paper towels for wiping the splashback. This is because they may break apart into bits which can get stuck easily in the splashback or any notch in the glass.

If you can avoid these less suitable cleaning products, you will be able to attain clean flawless finish with minimal effort.

Glass splashbacks are easy to maintain and they have been designed to withstand regular usage and make cleaning the kitchen simple.

If you want to know more about our stylish glass splashbacks, contact our team at Henderson Glass Warehouse today and install the right kind of splashback in the kitchen.

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