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Frosted Satin Glass

Satin frosted glass is a form of glass that has been designed to be opaque and enhance privacy. Due to its stylish and trendy appearance, it can be used in the residential places and commercial buildings.

When it is used in the house, satin obscure glass creates unique feeling of sophistication and warmth by diffusing light and releasing some light and colour into the room.

Satin glass offers privacy by obscuring attention and distraction both internally and externally without compromising light levels. This will create peace of mind and complete security at your home’s comfort.

Great thanks to satin smooth surface as the glass won’t mark with dirt and fingerprints like sandblasted and traditional satin etched glass by providing low maintenance product. There aren’t any additional treatments for the surface area once they are purchased and fitted.

It is an ideal choice to use in the interiors and satin glass can be sited in different applications such as:

  • Balustrades
  • Doors
  • Furniture such as – tables, shelves and cupboard doors
  • Signage
  • Shower screens
  • Wall cladding

At Henderson Glass Warehouse, we manufacture satin frosted glass for the needs of clients. Our experts fit customised glass to various amenities to help you in every possible way. Get in touch with us now about satin frosted glass and know what else we can offer you. Feel free to call at 03300438525 or write to us at [email protected]

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Frosted Satin Glass

Satin glass for complete privacy in the bathroom

Our experts at Henderson Glass Warehouse select top quality products in the UK which combine with installation service to deliver long-lasting windows that can resist weather and daily use for many years with 10 years guarantee. We will take care at each step of the process, starting from selection of the products to the final result.

We are industry-leading installers and suppliers of different kinds of double glazed patterned glass. Our specialists feel great pride in providing windows that can enhance energy efficiency and security of your home at cost-effective prices.

Looking for quote on new satin glass windows? You may get in touch with us today to get your quote from us.

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Satin Glass for Complete Privacy in the Bathroom
Henderson Glass Warehouse - Why Choose Us For Satin Glass Henderson Glass Warehouse - Reasons to Choose Our Services

Why Choose Us for Satin Glass?

Our installations use top-rated products and experts provide long-lasting result. We are highly commitment to providing quality and possess more than 40+ years of experience by continuing to evolve with change in the industry.

Reasons to choose our services:

  • 01
    We offer 10 year guarantee on all our works
  • 02
    Excellent workmanship
  • 03
    Available in surrounding areas like Rochester and Kent
  • 04
    Low pricing and great value for money

You can also see our reviews on Trustpilot.

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Henderson Glass Warehouse - Benefits of Satin Glass

What are some benefits of satin glass?

It may be difficult to get suitable solution for your room’s privacy by sacrificing natural light and selecting glazing type that creates hazy view. On the other hand, there may be privacy loss in the case you decide to choose a glass type that is easy to view through. Satin glass provides good balance with pleasant design.

Just like satin opaque glass is popular, using satin glass has a history with it being used as decorative glass during the 1880s for the first time. It was found to be used for the windows, statuettes and decorative ornaments over the years. It is quite possible to tint sating glass in different shades with blue or white being the most common to ensure maximum light.

We are experts in offering different kinds of textured, patterned and obscure glazing that makes use of sturdy UPVC window frames. Some benefits of choosing satin glass are the following:

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Benefits of Satin Glass - Decorative Addition

Decorative addition

Satin glass is acid-etched with hydrofluoric acid and offers satin etch finish so that you may add floral or other decorative designs to it. This can break up uniform appearance and enable light to reflect within the window with the illuminating effect.

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Benefits of Satin Glass - High Distortion

High distortion

Due to large amount of light passing through satin glass and its subtle appearance and, the blurring level is higher. This is certainly a great choice for small windows where light is at a premium and work well in the roof lights where you require maximum light.

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Benefits of Satin Glass - Reduction in Noise

Reduction in noise

By opting for double glazing, you ensure that window glass has tight seal for lessening noise pollution.

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Benefits of Satin Glass - Low Pricing

Low pricing

Privacy glass can be costly in some cases though satin glass has low-cost finish. The inexpensive manufacturing cost means the price for windows are affordable which seem to be a good choice for big windows and different types of installations.

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Benefits of Satin Glass - Extremely Durable

Extremely durable

Satin glass has smooth look which makes cleaning easy with minimal streaking and is a popular choice in shower enclosures. The treatment method adds extra layer of durability to the glass by making it difficult to scratch satin etch finish.

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Select the Right Satin Glass for Your Home

We will help you to Select the Right Glass for Your Home

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We will discuss your requirements, show samples and offer you with free and no-obligation quote.

Buy Satin Glass From Henderson Glass Warehouse

Buy Satin Glass from Henderson Glass Warehouse

Our experts provide great emphasis on window designs for a long term and installation service by the experts are best choice for satin glass bathroom windows for delivering higher degree of privacy.

We have affordable pricing and wide range of options that will fulfil your estimated budget. Our experienced team will help at each step of the process. Contact us for your free quote on satin glass windows.

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Satin Sandblasted Glass

Satin sandblasted glass

Sandblasting is about obscuring and frosting glass which enhances privacy while allowing in the infusion of daylight. There will be pressure spraying aluminium oxide over glass surface, granite or marble. This is a flexible method where 3D and fine effects can be attained together with your requirements. Satin sandblasted glass designs seem to be permanent and won’t be damaged due to cleaning.

It is a great choice for glass screens, windows and manifestations on glass doors and glass partitions. It is very effective for reproducing logos, lettering and decorative patterns accurately on interior fixtures and corporate signs.

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Applications of Satin Glass

Applications of Satin Glass

Satin glass is a frosted glass that can be used in interior designing applications for both residential and commercial settings:

  • Enclosures and shower screens
  • Doors
  • Signage
  • Interior screens and partitions
  • Furniture such as – shelves, cupboard doors, tables
  • Balustrades and guarding
  • Shopfitting: countertops and displays
  • External glazing such as – doors and windows
  • Wall cladding

The etched surface of glass faces either the inside of your sealed unit or inside of the building when it is single glazed.

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    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Distinguish Between Satin Glass and Frosted Glass

    How will you distinguish between satin glass and frosted glass?

    Think of satin frosted glass as broader category of glass which includes various frosting methods such as – laminate interlayers, sandblasting, vinyl films and silk screening. Satin glass is a specific kind of frosted glass which prefers the method of acid etching.

    Satin glass is less shiny and has smooth finish when compared to other types of frosted glass. Due to its soft appearance, it can distribute light in an even manner and is somewhat tinted with colour. These glass can often feel ‘warmer’ than milky-white and glossy frosting.

    Even when there are patterns etched into it, this translucent glass provides natural look that is not very prominent by making it an ideal choice for incorporating in different applications. Its pleasant simplicity enables it to blend in well with several architectural and decor styles.

    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Why Would I Choose Satin Glass
    Henderson Glass Warehouse - Why Would I Choose Satin Glass

    Why would I choose satin glass?

    When you choose a satin glass from Henderson Glass Warehouse you know that you have made a choice of a quality and unique product. You will know that you are going to have privacy provided as well as low maintenance, with durability and the highest aesthetic appeal.

    If you are searching for a stylish option to blur visibility in your bathroom or add a unique touch to some other area of the house, or your business, contact us now to discuss the options and what’s your plan for your area is. Call us now on: 03300 438 525

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