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Glass Staircases

Our glass stairs bring head-turning visuals to all projects throughout London and the UK. Find out more below or enquire today.

We craft aesthetic illusion to go wild with our glass staircase.

The choice of glass staircase enables your mind's eye to create ecstasy.

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Glass Panelled Staircase

Glass Panelled Staircase

We love our glass staircases and we know that you will too!  The last word in elegance, this is the feature that will elevate your home or your business to the next level. Use Google search box for “glass staircase near me,” and find reliable fitters in your area.

If you have set your heart of a glass staircase, then we commend you for your stylish choice! The next thing you need to do is get someone trustworthy to fit it for you, and that’s where Henderson Glass Warehouse comes in.  With a wealth of project experience and expertise in installation we can bring your dreams to life, ensuring the highest quality installation of your new glass staircase, delivered to your budget.

With our unique and innovative approach, backed by our extensive experience in the industry we can tackle any job, however big or small. Think that your idea is too complicated? Think again! Scale and complexity are what we thrive on.  Use our expert knowledge and experience to get the very best product and complete your project to the highest specifications with the least amount of disruption.

Whether you are a commercial or residential customer, we have extensive experience of both types of installation and also can suggest glass stair railings as a decorative finishing touch. We would love to show you our catalogues and suggestions. Whether it is an innovative glass statement, bifold doors or structural glass, we have it covered.

Contact us now to discuss your vision for your glass staircase.  We are having more and more interest in our glass staircases.  Our work speaks for us in offices and homes around the capitol!

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Proper Design & Thorough Planning

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Top Quality Manufacturing

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Installation Method and Delivery Process

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Complete Support from our Experts

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Why you Will Love a Glass Staircases

Here is why you will love a glass staircases

Wherever you see a glass staircase, it always makes an impression. A well-crafted glass staircase can make a focal point and discussion topic for visitors to your home or business.  Your unique design along with stylish glass railings will be sure to catch the eye of the visitor and enhance the price of your property.

Another very favourable thing about glass staircases is that glass is an easy material to clean, they don’t collect a lot of dust and even the most basic cleaning routine will make them sparkle like new.

We make every glass staircase to measure and your bespoke specifications. One of the greatest moments for our fitters is when a staircase fits seamlessly into place.

Price is another consideration when you’re ordering a glass staircase. Your outlay will certainly be compensated by the addition to market value for your commercial or residential property.

We use the latest cutting-edge technology to build our unique glass staircases, so that they will add a unique touch of class to your home or office premises.

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Henderson Glass Warehouse - Glass Staircases for Homes and Offices in London and the UK

Glass Staircases for Homes and Offices in London and the UK

With modern and light staircases online, you need to select a design that will match your exact requirements. Hire our experienced fitters who have product knowledge and years of experience to complete installation process of glass staircase. Our team at Henderson Glass Warehouse can install new glazed staircase without compromising on quality at a price that will fit your estimated budget.

With our ground-breaking approach and widespread experience in the industry, we will respond to different projects of varying complexity and scale. Our in-depth knowledge of staircase means we suggest the right products and best approach for completing the work with necessary specifications and without causing any disruption.

Our team at Henderson Glass Warehouse install glass staircases for the residential and commercial customers all over the UK. You can complement the installation with decorative railing and discover our range of products which include – bi-fold doors, structural glass and innovative glass by browsing through our website. If you have any query or require an estimation cost of glass staircase, then feel free to get in touch with us for your convenience.

Benefits of glass staircases in London

Our staircases in the UK are becoming popular all over London and the UK. Here are some benefits of glass staircases in London.

Benefits of Glass Staircases - Henderson Glass Warehouse

These staircases create a great impact wherever they are installed and act as focal point for the visitors. The exceptional design of staircase by glass railing will add a sense of architectural presence to the interior and enhance market appeal of your home to buyers in London.

Benefits of Glass Staircases in London - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Glass is easy to clean in comparison with other materials. Our glass stairs in the UK are not an exception. The new glass installation accumulates little dust which means you do not have to spend much time for maintenance purpose. Rather, you can sit back and enjoy many benefits of new glass staircase.

Benefits of Glass Staircases in London and UK - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Our glass staircases have been made to measure with the exact specifications to fit right size seamlessly. We ensure to use right products throughout the designing and so, there aren’t any surprises when we reach the site. All our works can be completed within the timescales agreed with you.

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Cost of Glass Staircase in London and the UK

Cost of glass staircase in London & the UK

We know cost is an important factor and want installation of glass staircase to look exceptional for your office of home without hurting the budget. We will find an effective designing solution for you to discover our wide range of glass stairs with full confidence.

Our customised staircases have been designed and then built with the most recent technology. We respond to the instructions of residential as well as commercial customers quickly.

If you want to know the cost of glass staircase for your residential or commercial project, then contact Henderson Glass Warehouse Glass today. You may request a quotation and obtain competitive pricing for glass staircase.

Create Good First Impression - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Create good first impression

We will install glass staircases into different systems, whether you have stair tread, newel posts or stair stringer and work with what is available. If you want specially crafted glass panel in your commercial property or hallway, then contact us and we will be happy to work on your bespoke project.

Our fitters are experienced in the installation of frameless glass staircase or individual panels into the framework you have. The team will fit timber handrails and stainless steel to make modern staircase practical.

How to Create Hallway With Glass Staircase Fitting - Henderson Glass Warehouse

How to create hallway with staircase fitting

Your staircase can significantly change overall aesthetic of your entrance hall or hallway. When you select glass panels in your staircase, this enables improved flexibility and system options for your convenience.

We can help you with the installation of these staircase systems:

  • Frameless glass
  • Shaped cut glass panels
  • Spindles and newel posts
  • Sandblasted glass balustrade stairs
  • Clamped glass staircases
  • Stainless and wooden systems

If you have any queries related to staircase fittings, then click on ‘Get in Touch’ button below for contacting a member of our team through phone or our online contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Glass staircases are very popular these days as homeowners need to renovate their properties and get the feel of more light as well as additional space. We are among the leading staircase manufacturers and suppliers in the UK and supply an extensive range of staircase parts and glass stairs. Some of these include – side panels, landing balustrades, glass treads and risers which are all made to measure. Our fitters combine glass together with metal or wood in all sorts of different configurations and sizes.

If your present staircase seem to be structurally sound, then there is not any reason to benefit from the renovation of staircase. When you decide to choose Henderson Glass Warehouse, your stairs might get fully renovated into new aesthetic in the next 48 hours only. We will try to replace the newel posts, balustrades, treads and banister with hardwood components as well as materials. So, you can enjoy by installing new stairs without building works or planning permission needed.

You do not need any planning permission for staircase refurbishment, as long as the staircase is structurally safe to start. At Henderson Glass Warehouse, you will be able to renovate your staircase with new materials in not more than 48 hours. There won’t be any mess and fuss without any building works.

At Henderson Glass Warehouse, we do staircase renovations within 48 hours. Our designers and client services team will give necessary advice on how to best prepare for our installation teams arriving, to ensure the renovation process goes smoothly and swiftly.

Updating your glass banister and staircase will have a transformational effect on your hallway. Our designers will take you through different options you may have. For example, when looking to brighten up the entryway, glass panels paired together with oak banister will allow natural light to flood your space while provide design contrast.

The designer visits your house to discuss the aesthetic you have always wanted. We will take into consideration the style of your home and ensure your new staircase is a consistent addition. Our installation team replace your handrails, newel posts, glass balustrade stairs and base rails which means a completely new look can be attained.

Glass staircase parts are made of laminated and toughened glass, the same kind used for shop windows and car windscreens – which is much stronger than daily use of glass. Everyglass panel used in glass staircase designs have been marked with something known as ‘kitemark’, which is a symbol of quality used to detect glazing solutions for safety reasons. Feel free to contact our glass specialists about the safety of staircase parts in designing the most stunning glass case for your home.

The probable buyers make up their mind within 30 seconds of entering your home. The hallway is usually the first impression which means staircase renovation has huge potential to add value to your property. Stairs and glass banister create real impact at the time of designing and installing the highest standard as significant part of your interior. At Henderson Glass Warehouse, we are proud to be market leaders in the case of staircase renovations. Our designers create the best staircase possible for your unique home.

Unlike the remaining glass elements in your home – windows, mirrors or fingerprints, dirt and dust are more visible than they are on metal or wooden ones.

But glass does not corrode or rot and is easy to clean, making it the right choice for your staircase.

Wipe away finger marks with microfiber and damp cloth. Apply warm water solution, vinegar or lemon juice drop and little amount of washing-up liquid to get rid of stubborn spots of dried or dirt stains.

Do it once in a week with other household cleaning chores to keep staircase components look new for many years.

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