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Use Glass Balustrades for Home

Plan to create your own space by making your terrace, patio, and balcony

Whether you are working on indoor or outdoor glass balustrade, we provide rustproof, long-lasting, and safe quality products. You will enjoy the space to breathe.

You can add space, open up views, and create an ideal screen against the wind to maintain the outdoor comfort.

At Henderson Glass Warehouse we know the power of the glass balustrade. The enhancement has both chic and classic glass staircase.

A glass balustrade offers:

In darker spots the glass balustrade allows light to flow through the room turning a functional staircase into a stylish feature creating the illusion of more space.

A glass balustrade is perfect on an interior or an exterior staircase for bannisters and balconies.

Set the stairs of your house accompanying handrail. You may choose obscure and clear glazing. You can install D clamps, opt for a face mount with a channel or flat discs or go for a base mount with a channel.

Our experts want to share their experiences with you!

In a sleek modern interior, glass balustrades make a home or office space feel innovative. Compared to other materials, glass always looks the same.  Even with time, glass remains durable and beautiful.

Henderson Glass Warehouse - Glass Balustrades Offers

The Eco-friendly choice

Glass is kind to the environment and fully recyclable, and a truly resource efficient material. Glass, is produced from recyclable materials and it creates 50% less water pollution and 20% less air pollution. As well as being undeniably beautiful, your glass balustrades in your house will have little impact on the environment.

The Eco-Friendly Choice Icon - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Safe and Durable

Safety is always an important factor for any new installation in your home, especially if children live there. Our toughened glass is secure and safe, with features that are durable. Glass balustrades don’t need high maintenance. Glass is a robust and hard-wearing material, making it the perfect material for your balustrade.

Safe and Durable Icon - Henderson Glass Warehouse
Frameless Glass Balustrades - Henderson Glass Warehouse Frameless Glass Balustrade - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Glass balustrades can help in decorating balcony, decking, terrace, patio, a flat roof or a pool area. You can create your own space, and add the lasting value to your property.

  • Leading producer of the UK
  • Easy and free to maintain
  • Minimal post with no glass clamps
  • Few need of uprights with engineering
  • Tested and durable systems
  • Track record can be trusted
  • Readily and curved options are provided
  • Get with and affordable price

You may enjoy a summer evening, take a view with outdoor relaxation, manage new space, and the simplicity of the design. This can make the looks feel special.

Frameless Glass Balustrades - Henderson Glass Warehouse
Frameless Glass Balustrades - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Select Frameless Glass Balustrades

The frameless glass balustrades are known as ‘structural glass’. They are the ultimate in the open space. You can interrupt the view of the structural glass.

The strength of the balustrades comes from the use of tough, thick, and laminated glass. The upright support is not needed. This can be mounted with a channel fixed to the floor surface. You can recess the floor level so the support in the hardware is visible properly.

Glass Balustrades with the Handrails - Henderson Glass Warehouse
Glass Balustrades with the Handrails - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Get Glass Balustrades with the Handrails

The Balconette’s unique Hybrid system has an approach to decorate glass balustrades with handrails. The expert engineering system provides uninterrupted views that are associated with the old-fashioned system. You may rely on the frequent upright post.

In a choice colours, durability, and safe structure, a proper handrail is needed. You can use the few upright supports which are needed with the fittings of glass balustrade stairs.

Glass Balustrade for Commercial Property - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Glass Balustrade

A glass balcony railing can add elegance to any home and commercial property. A glass balustrading, glass banister, or a glass balcony balustrade is the most stylish feature that works aesthetically. The railings combine own beauty with less-obstructed views. Also, the practicalities of wind-breaking, proper maintenance, durability and easy cleaning depend on the recovery and set up.

Modern technology has helped the direction with the better glass balustrade design that has flexibility in choice.

Technically Maintained Glass Balustrades and Railing - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Technically Maintained Glass Balustrade and Railing

By making technical improvements in the design of the glass balustrade structure, our team the ability to integrate the strength of the precision-engineered which is based on handrail profiles. The result is light, strong state-of-the-art glass balustrading that requires very few, and in some cases no, vertical supports. This leaves your view over your glass railing uninterrupted.

To manage the technical maintenance and improvement, the design of the glass balustrade structure acts as the integration method. This is the basic way to deal with the improvement.

We can offer a more versatile range of options in glass railing design. The “wow” factor of frameless glass balustrades with the uncluttered spaciousness is the speciality of the material. The clean lines of glass balcony or glass banister provide stylish options with limited budget.

Options on Inexpensive Glass Balustrade - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Options on Inexpensive Glass Balustrade

The combination of traditional concepts and technical advances is the combination of the designs in balustrade. The ranges of all-glass system are less-expensive with alternative design. You may get the desirable visual appeal with the wide range. Moreover, if you look after the budget, then you may achieve the set up with the decking of your balcony.

Curved Glass Balustrade - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Curved Glass Balustrade

The most appealing features of curved glass balustrade are:

  • Aesthetic balcony balustrading
  • Simple curved glass

Take a look at the picture gallery of the glass balustrades designs that are installed in the UK.

Easy-To-Install Glass Balustrade - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Easy-to-Install Glass Balustrade

The glass balustrade is the straightforward way to fit, manage, and install the railing in your house. You may install the railing properly with the basic installation. The recommendation with the Registered Partner is based on the installation process.

Maintenance-Free Glass Balustrade - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Maintenance-Free Glass Balustrade

Get the resilient, tough, and virtually-maintained glass balustrade. You can maintain them easily because of the self-cleaning coatings. It is also easy to manage the setup of the balustrade.

Handrails of Glass Balustrade - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Handrails of Glass Balustrade

There is a secret that is combined with the strength and the lightness of the innovative glass balcony. The balustrades lie with a large measure of the design on the maintenance of aluminium handrails. The strength of the material has impaired with the choice of attractive and hard-wearing finish. The better resistance, tarnishing, and weathering are based on the set up of the installation. The glass decking of the balustrades are based on the set up of balcony, balustrades, and patios, etc.

Glass Balustrade Shades And Self-Cleaning Coat

Glass Balustrade Shades and Self-Cleaning Coat

The balustrade glass is chosen for balcony with the decking balustrades. This has a choice for different tints. It can also supply the double-sided, and major self-cleaning coating.

The glass balcony is decorated with porches, veranda, terraces, decking, and banisters. You will get beautiful, strong, cost-effective, and alternatives of the traditional railings for the glass balustrading system that has considerable, financial, and practical advantages.

Get pleased with the technical support and assistance for answering the questions promptly. Please contact us to find out more about the systems.

Stairs Runs With Glass Balustrades - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Stairs Runs with Glass Balustrades

If you are finding the Balcony System in Glass Balustrade, the unique transparent balcony system relies on the strength of handrail. You may allow the wide spans of glass on the balancing of balustrade system. The system is ideal for patios, decking, and terraces.

In the balcony, there is 70mm diameter handrail with 72X72mm square Newel post along with the glass balustrade stairs.

The basic principle in the system remains sae with the combination of handrail profiles that is engineered with the strength of the glass.

Anodised Aluminium Railing - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Anodised Aluminium Railing

We at Balcony Systems use Royal Chrome anodizing process for creating the special anodized finish. The traits of anodized aluminium have a proper finishing that is similar to the polished stainless steel.

For the manufacture process, when railing process is based on the handrails and balustrades, the cut, tapped, notched, and drilled portions work properly. You may penetrate the anodised layer. The natural traits are always balanced with the creativity of managing aluminium profile that has natural features of the material.

Set-Up Structural Glass Balustrades - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Set-Up Structural Glass Balustrades

The infill panel of the glass railing has actual structure of the baluster that is referred as a structural glass balustrade. Sometimes, it is also referred as the frameless glass on the basis of cantilevered glass balustrade.

The type of structural glass is based on the set up along with the engineering principles. There are two principles of engineering – the strong glass panels with resistance of bending moments and a strong base with the clamp glass panel that has thickness with it.

Balcony Systems Balustrade - Henderson Glass Warehouse

Balcony Systems Balustrade

The Balcony System in balustrade has Hybrid system combination to check and fix the sets. The combination of the railing is based on the set up of marketing works. You should check the fashion functionalities that are based on other options.

The principles of the Balcony systems Balustrade stands on the build-up of terms and changes. You may analyse the listing along with the combination to make the set up and the changes with the transformation.

Styles and Options

Glass Balustrades with Handrails

The glass balustrades have two different handrails. The Orbit has circular cross section, and the Aero has wing-shaped handrails. Anodised aluminium helps in creating handrails that is based on the set up of the severe climate.

You will get 10mm glass sheets with the internal engineering. The stability has its excellence with the upright functionalities that support the greatly reduced action.

The Orbit system reaches up to 3.3 metres with the support of the walls. About 1.9 metres of upright set up is needed with the changes. The corners increase the possibility of the distance upright with changes. The Aero design is affected with the greater terms where 4 metres between the walls with the post analysis on 2.1 metres.

The ordering system is automatically calculated with the correct number of uprights for finishing the dimension.

Handrails include: Bronze, White, Royal Chrome, and Silver shade.

The standard size is supplied with the 10mm clear glass. The orders can get accommodates by using grey, green, and blue tinted glass.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

The frameless glass balustrades can be installed with the surface mounting that is fixed on the channel floor surface. The hardware shows are recessed with the order of the frameless glass balustrades.

The length of the installation has no limits.

The frameless balustrades are based on the optional handrail on the basis of the changes that are necessary.

Colour Options of Railings

The standard colour finishes have four options: Silver Anodised, White Powder Coating, Royal Chrome Anodised Finish, and Balcony System Property Colour. The Balcony Systems works with 10 year warranty.

  • Colour Options of Railings - White Powder Coating - Henderson Glass WarehouseWhite

  • Colour Options of Railings - Silver Anodised - Henderson Glass Warehousesilver

  • Colour Options of Railings - Bronze Anodised - Henderson Glass Warehousebronze

  • Colour Options of Railings - Royal Chrome Anodised Finish - Henderson Glass Warehouseroyal chrome

Check the Glass Types

Get 10mm clear toughened glass that is made of balustrade glass. The custom balustrading glass can be supplied with various shades such as green, grey, clear, blue, and bronze glass coating.

Glass Types - 10mm clear toughened balustrades glass - Henderson Glass Warehouse

More Information about Glass Balustrades

You can assure the quality. The balustrades are made in England with the highest specifications along with the materials that are needed to be tested on time. The anodised aluminium fittings have the rust-proof feature and comfortable with the marine grade stainless steel. The state-of-the-art is manufactured with the components that are engineered on the fine base. The professional installers and the DIYers are skilled and they can easily install.

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  • British standards, Building regulation and loadings
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