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How Can You Fit a Glass Splashback in Your Kitchen?

How Can You Fit a Glass Splashback in Your Kitchen?
30 May 2023

Kitchen is the storehouse of energy where you start preparing your meal for the entire day. So, don’t you think the pretty shades and patterns of the kitchen splashbacks should be aesthetic? Sprucing up your kitchen with the modern glass splashback can enhance the perfect look of your cookery room.

Gone are those days when people used to make traditional background and wall paint in the kitchen. Today, everything is changed because modular kitchen, glass splashbacks, and open kitchenette are the modern remodelling styles. These styles look versatile and they are easy to operate. According to psychology, the ambience of the kitchen can help you make delicious dishes.

How to Fit the Glass Splashback for the Kitchen?

There are various necessary factors needed for managing the set up and fitting of the glass splashback for the kitchen. You need to find experts like Henderson Glassware House who can guide you in knowing the fitting and managing the set up of the glass and other accessories in your kitchen. Here are some tips from experts:

  • Apply silicone to the back part of the glass with 20 mm sized blobs around 100mm when you are installing a glass splashback.
  • Measure the space and remember the plaster or paint in the wall should be dry. It should not be flaky. It should be capable of holding the splashback.
  • You should lift up the splashback into position while pushing down gently. Remember the point should be flat and stuck against the wall. Use major spacers to maintain the splashback that rests directly on the cooker.

While doing the measurement of the wall, you may check your worktop level so that you can understand whether everything is secure or not. When you apply the silicone, make sure the wall is flat and nice. Apply the lifting condition so that you don’t find any issues regarding the glass splashback.

Generally, glass splashback with adhesive sealant is natural, clear, and can help in managing the clarity of the mirror adhesive with great bonding. The water-resistance of the glass splashback kitchen can help in managing the lifting of the glass easily.

Maintain the Cleanliness of Kitchen Splashbacks

When you talk about cleaning the glass splashback, a sparkly and super shiny kitchen is needed. So, you need to manage the crystal cleanliness and splashing glow that can help in maintaining the glass. Take a look at some tips for managing the cleanliness of kitchen splashbacks:

  • Try to clean the splashes soon after you cook. If you leave the curry and other dirt, then it will be hard for you to remove the dirt.
  • Use a soft cloth instead of any abrasive thing. Never use brillo, wash pads, and scourers.
  • You should wet the glass by using spray. After that with the help of a soft cloth, glass cleaner and soapy detergent, you can manage the cleanliness of the glass splashback in your kitchen.

Benefits of Using Glass Splashbacks for Kitchen

You can match the cabinetry of your kitchen with the kitchen splashback by choosing the striking and bright-shaded striking look. You may custom the design, pattern, and print with one-of-a-kind splashback for the kitchen. Here are some benefits of choosing the splashbacks such as:

  • Get unlimited colour choices
  • Enjoy the looks – modern, sophisticated, and sleek
  • Choose the pattern and artwork
  • Affordable price
  • No grout lines
  • Hygienic
  • Reflective nature with space, light, and depth

How to Choose Kitchen Splashback?

Buying a kitchen splashback is easy but remember you need to follow some necessary factors that can help in choosing the right splashback for your kitchen. Know the factors!

  • Choose the Type of the Glass

Usually, the glass splashback is 6mm tough safety glass. The clear glass is used for managing the natural tint that is generally found in low iron and Starphire clear glass.

  • Find Heat-Resistant Mirror Splashback

Kitchen will be hot and fiery, which is quite natural. If you are choosing a splashback, then remember to buy the heat-resistant splashback that will last longer. The heat in the kitchen should not create problems in your kitchen.

Fabulous Ideas of Kitchen Splashback

Get a modern and sleek look of your kitchen by remodelling your kitchen in a trendy way. Moreover, the glass splashback is easy to clean. You may follow some ideas of the splashbacks as follows:

  • Blue Kitchen Interior

As discussed earlier, the aesthetic ambience in the kitchen positively affects your mind and results in tasty dishes. So, why don’t you decorate your kitchen with the blue kitchen interior? The blue striking shade with glass overlaid on top can provide you a stunning kitchen. 

  • Smoked Mirror Splashbacks

To get a sleek, subtle, and elegant kitchen, smoked mirror surfaces with splashback looks are necessary. You can bring a stylish and dramatic look with the maintenance of the kitchen. You may add visual interest and depth of the reflection of the kitchen in a muted way. This style complements the dark and grey tones of the chairs. 

  • Shining Apartment-Type Kitchen

You may take a look at the minimalist modern designs and shining surface of your kitchen that is small. Usually, small kitchens have apartment-style kitchens. The bold metallic look of the kitchen faucet has the textures of stone countertops that have sleek and clean backsplash.

  • Glass Kicker Panels

The visual pop of the bright red panels in the kitchen can portray the beauty of your cooking room. The sleek white chairs and countertops have brilliant sheen and wooden floor. You can easily wipe the panels with the scuff marks in an easy way.

  • Metallic Finish Glass Splashback

The bright, bold, and blue splashback are the best contrast of the sleek white cabinets in a modern kitchen. The shining metallic looks of a kitchen can always help you manage the style of the kitchen.

Final Thoughts

The glass splashbacks in the kitchen are a modern and trendy way to beautify the cooking room. It is always important to check what you are choosing for your interior. If you have planned to choose the splashbacks, then contact Henderson Glassware House to beautify the looks of your kitchen.