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4 Factors to Consider when You Order a Splashback

4 Factors to Consider when You Order a Splashback
16 May 2023

Do you know that a toughened glass splashback makes it easy to transform the visual dynamic and practicality of your cooking space? Well, when it is about selecting from different kinds of splashbacks, you will find yourself spoilt for making the choice. Different splashbacks can bring several things to the kitchen. They may either tie cooking area together or stand out as imposing point of focus. Adding a splashback in the kitchen will offer protection from heat and condensation. In other words, it is a kind of protection from grease, water or mess in the kitchen. Go through this blogpost to know about 4 important factors you should consider when ordering a splashback for the kitchen.

Factor 1 – The Colour

The choice of colour has a vital role in knowing if and to what extent the kitchen splashback will complement the cooking space. If the kitchen has a neutral theme, a beautiful choice of bold shades could be the thing. Having more intricate kitchen décor which may be better to go with something understated, it will prevent aesthetic becoming chaotic. Splashbacks are there in every imaginable colour which makes it convenient to find something that will complement your present colour scheme perfectly. Make sure you consider the existing colours around the cooking area carefully and think about what will bring the most visual appeal to your kitchen.

Factor 2 – The Shape and Size

Another benefit of selecting bespoke splashback design is freedom of choice it has. Your kitchen splashback can be made of any size or shape you need for the desired effect. You can also think of combining several smaller splashbacks when planning to put together something extraordinary, A splashback may be understated for your kitchen part and ordered in the range of standard sizes or cut to order on your request.

Factor 3 – The Surrounding Area

It is broader colour theme of kitchen which you should take into consideration. It is a good decision to factor in the surrounding area and other dominant features in the room. Some examples are – cabinets, countertops, design and colour of the kitchen appliances. The objective should be to select a design and shade that will complement everything in the cooking area perfectly for attaining the intended look. Also, selecting an eye-catchy splashback is highly recommended in a neutral kitchen which can add a point of focus for the entire space.

Factor 4 – The Kind of Splashback

With an extensive range of splashbacks which appear simply amazing, you need to find the right one for your cooking area. Mirrored splashbacks are very effective in case of small and dark kitchens which allow bounce light around the room for creating the feel of spaciousness, Similarly, coloured glass splashbacks add beauty in your cooking space and keep things simple having a range of shades to select from. Choosing a clear glass splashback is an elegant addition to the kitchen which fades invisibly in the background. There is the possibility of submitted your customized designs and images that may be printed onto the splashback for the perfect result.

The kitchen needs a splashback because it will keep the moisture off the drywall and moisture on plaster wall will not be a big deal at all. Also, it remains exposed to the moisture which makes it difficult to fix in future.

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